Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Princess Vanessa riding her first bike

123 like a bird I sing
Cause you've givin' me the most beautiful set of wings
And I'm so glad you're here today
Cause tomorrow I might have to go and fly away
 (sung by Tim Mcgraw).

This describes the way I feel about Vanessa turning 4 and riding her first "big girl' bike. I have given this precious angel a set of wings and she is making the most of it. I can't believe she is old enough to ride a bike with training wheels. It seems like only yesterday I was helping her to walk. The milestones I have had the pleasure of taking with Vanessa is priceless. I have been able to experience all of her firsts with her and am so proud of the little girl she is at 4 years old. Of course, I would like her to not to say a few choice phrases she has learned from the older kids(maybe mom too) and to learn to control her temper a little bit better, but perhaps that will be a milestone to look forward to at 5 years old, LOL! Here is Vanessa's first bike story......

Mike and I bought Vanessa a bike for her 4th birthday. She was so excited when Mike put it together and couldn't wait to ride it. She had the complete safety gear. Helmet, elbow pads, knee pads and gloves. She jumped on the bike and with very few instructions, was ready to ride. We went up and down our road and she did such a great job with pedaling forward and using the brake when needed.

I will admit, I cried. It's bitter sweet to see my baby on her first bike, riding like a pro, and looking back to make sure mom was still there. Vanessa did have a couple of falls but she got right back on the bike and kept on going.

I am so proud of my daughter and am glad I got to share this very special moment with her.  Vanessa and I had a great time, it's a memory I will cherish forever!!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Pedicures and Memories

It has been almost a week since Vanessa had her tonsils out. The Doctor's weren't lying when they said the 3rd and 4th day of recovery are the worst, along with day 10. Day 3 and 4 were horrible for Ness. She didn't want to do much of anything. By day 5, she was ready to venture out . So yesterday we went out with our friends for a pedicure.

I absolutely LOVE getting pedicures and I now have my soon to be 4 year old addicted. She splashed in the water and allowed the lady to cut, file and paint her toe nails. Vanessa had a blast talking and laughing with her best friend Madi, while they waited for their toes to dry. It was the sweetest thing to see. Two little girls, listening to Taylor Swift on my Iphone, giggling with each other and talking about how pretty their toes look. Of course, Nessa can't sit still for too long, so a couple of her toes got messed up, but you can't put a price tag on laughter. For those of you mom's who are looking for something to do with your daughter, I would recommend a pedicure day. Whether you do it with friends or just a mommy/daughter day, you are sure to have memories that will last a lifetime.

Vanessa's tonsil removal and me thinking out loud.......

Thought I would share our tonsil removal experience with you. Some of my friends and family have asked how Vanessa is doing and how she handled everything and this is the best way to describe it, plus a little of me thinking out loud.

So, yesterday Vanessa had a tonsillectomy done. If any of you have gone through this with you child, you know how anxious and nervous you are for your child. Usually, they go through the surgery with no complications and you get to see your child soon after they come out of the anesthetics. This is what happened to us when we saw her for the first time after surgery. The nurse comes and gets Mike and I from the waiting room and walks us down(what seemed like the longest hallway ever) towards our daughter. I can hear her little voice crying and saying"mommy, mommy, daddy, I want my mommy". Heartbreaking to say the least. We get into her room and she looks up at us with the saddest eyes and starts crying for us to hold her. She wasn't crying hystrically or anything just small sobs and whimpers. It was the hardest part of the whole process. Hearing that sweet voice, in an unusual place with a pain she has never felt, calling our name quietly as she sobbed....I thought Mike was going to punch the next nurse or Doctor that walked in, he hated to see his little girl in so much pain. We get into the car and all this child wants is chicken nuggets, which she can't have. So, she settled for eggs, pancakes, chocolate milkshake and orange juice. After going to walmart to get her a few movies(Mike would have bought her a new house, camaro, just about anything she would have asked for) we get home. Vanessa is pretty much herself. Playing, singing, hugging her new "friends" that she received for being in the hospital and of course eating lots of popsicles. She then wanted a nap and asked me to lay down with her, which I did.

As I am laying next to my daughter, she gently strokes the side of my face and twirls my hair. She rolls over to get closer to me and says " you are my best friend ever, I love you to the moon the back." As I am fighting back the tears that are sure to follow those sweet words, she then says " I'm sorry I cried today, it did hurt, but daddy and you made me feel better by loving me so much." Now, as you can imagine, I was trying hard to hide the fact that I was crying at her sincere sweet words. My voice cracks as I say" oh sweet baby girl, you did a great job today and you are a very brave girl. I am so proud of you and I love you to the sun." She rolls over and falls asleep.
Which gets me thinking........

 I am watching her sleep and I realize how fast my kids are growing up and how in a few short years Jordan and Alyssa will be heading off to college with Brandon not to far behind. I am a stay at home mom(thanks to my hard working hubby) and this gives me an opportunity to spend more quality time with my kids, but it also means that I have a responsibility to my husband. He does and should come home to dinner and a clean house, laundry done and me out of my p.j.'s. My kids do come first and they are definitely more important than a dirty floor, but there is enough hours in my day to do both. Everyone lives their lives differently and should live however they want too and do what makes them and their family happy. Bottom line, when I come to your house, I do not judge you nor think any differently of you if you have laundry not folded on your bed and toys all over the floor. I sure hope you don't think I am any less of a mom because I don't..... I look at every day as another opportunity for us to be a family, enjoy each other and be together even though I may be a little picky or OCD for a lack of a better word, on the cleaniness of my house. I do run a tight ship. I like and have a clean house and I expect my kids to pick up after themselves and do their chores. I respect them and they respect me(most of the time, they are pre-teen and teenagers).

With that being said, I have 4 amazing kids and I love them all the same but for different reasons. Alyssa is kind hearted and would do anything for anyone, she is the least selffish person I know. Jordan has a great personality and is very sweet to his momma, we joke and have a lot of fun together. Brandon loves to play football and is super smart, he can pull all A's without even trying. Vanessa is just a bowl full of laughs and constantly keeps me on my toes, she is my little buddy. These are just a few examples, but you get my point.  My children know how much I love them. We play games, we try very hard to eat dinner as a family whenever we can, we go outside and toss a ball around, blow bubbles, go on vacations, help with homework, read books and we laugh a lot etc etc.....But like Mike, I also have a job to do that includes more than just playtime and spending time with my kids. They are not being neglected nor do they feel I do not spend enough time with them. If anything, I am teaching them responsibility and respect for not only the family aspect of life, but also the importance of being organized and clean.  A clean house is a happy house, at least in my household, but there is a lot of fun going on too:-)

Grandma and Vanessa